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Model No: 3498

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"I invented the words, but I no longer own the words," he said.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEFord's reasoning for this move is entirely sensible. We'll start with the powertrain. The Ranger Raptor's sole method of propulsion is a twin-turbocharged 2.0-liter diesel I4. Diesel's reputation in the US is all but ruined, and Ford would likely have to move mountains to get that engine approved for use in the US. Ford has also said in the past that it's unlikely that the Ranger Raptor will wield any other engine, like a gas V6.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYChinese authorities are reportedly slowing down Facebook's effort to expand into the country.

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YES! pic.twitter.com/8xgi9dPvP1

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To get the update, you need not lift a mousing finger. Microsoft says the update will arrive automatically via Windows Update. You may not get it right away; as with past updates, the company will gradually roll it out over the next few weeks. According to ZDNet, the update will become more broadly available on Oct. 9, affectionately known as Patch Tuesday. 

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If attackers obtained a serial number that hadn't been enrolled yet, the researchers said, it would be possible for them to enroll their own device with that number and gather even more information, such as Wi-Fi passwords and customized apps.

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From 2017: The Doodle with the longest production time celebrated the life of Mexican-American musician, fashion icon, entrepreneur, philanthropist and international superstar Selena Quintanilla. The musical Doodle video, illustrating Selena's rise from childhood phenom to musical powerhouse, took 18 months to produce.

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