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Evers, a Democrat, defeated Republican incumbent Scott Walker in the November elections. Walker helped woo Foxconn to Wisconsin with the largest incentive in state history, and Evers was critical during his campaign of Walker's dealings with the company. After the panel discussion, Ressa chatted with admiring students and posed for selfies, then rode in her van back to her apartment in Taguig City, an affluent district of Manila about 40 minutes away. “Duterte’s method with the media is ‘corrupt, coerce, co-opt,’ ” she said, “and he will get you if you don’t come around through friendly means.” Ressa nodded to the security detail accompanying her in the van, fixtures since her first arrest this February. “It’s a strange time,” she told me. “It’s definitely existential.”

OK, sure, sounds pretty simple. So while not a lot is known about Season 2, we have two trailers to draw from and use to speculate, along with a series of appearances that have illuminated a bit more about potential storylines. CBS All Access also unveiled a behind-the-scenes look at the work on Season 2, featuring Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman touting its new "cinematic look." A major overhaul is also underway of the Asteria resort in nearby Glyfada, another onetime haunt of the Athens elite, while the marina of Alimos was recently sold to a developer who plans to invest roughly €50 million to make it an attractive stop for yacht owners.

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The color-coded breakdown of spending is great. Ms. Pite has long been interested in groups, colonies, chain reactions and attempts at individual differentiation, and some of her recent work has successfully explored these preoccupations. (Those pieces aren’t my taste, but there is no denying their theatrical skill.)

Several companies had business ties with Mr. Sheehan’s firm, Parker McCay, Mr. Walden said. Barneys, which filed for bankruptcy in August, is holding out hope that a rival bid will come through in the next week, one that it said would preserve its stores and up to 2,000 jobs.

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Log In“We believe the district court got it wrong,” said Julie Wilensky, senior staff attorney at the National Center for Lesbian Rights, which represented the women, along with the A.C.L.U. of Missouri and private attorneys. “Being lesbians doesn’t remove Mary and Bev from the law’s protection.” Ms. Hayes asked what street this couple had lived on, and when Mr. Nordstrom said “11th Street, in the Belford section of Middletown,” she told him that the man with the oxygen tank was her grandfather.